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'Reverb' is the annual cultural extravaganza organized by SIT. Reverb, short for Reverberation, is the undue prolongation of sound in a particular space after the original sound is removed. This is particularly true when the stage is set, the sound is loud, and the energy is high.

This exquisite extravaganza drifts its brilliancy across the city of Pune, and the country. Just like Reverberation of sound, these three days echo around this alma mater for years to come. Above all, one thing has become very clear: SIT is the place to be, Reverb is the fest to see.

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Karan Sharma

Tech Evangelist

Urvashi Negi


Abhijit Sinha


Unnati Shrivastava

Cultural Secretary
  • Alternative progressive rock band wows audience at SIT Fest

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    Times of India 2015
  • 3rd most loved fest in the city

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    Campus Diaries
  • I really loved listening to Daira

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    Ashok Malhotra Student, MIT(pune)

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